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A response to some posts by Elite Gymnastics :)

Hi :D

I don’t usually make text posts on tumblr, but i guess I’m breaking that rule today. This is a response to a conversation that began online after a post made by Elite Gymnastics. This post is addressed directly to Elite Gymnastics, not to anybody else, and it is certainly not intended to start any beef, but is simply me speaking up and defending myself after a few comments were made.

If you wish to read the original post here is the link


Hi Elite Gymnastics.

I don’t want to make a big deal out of this or anything so I’ll get straight to the point. I just want you to know that  I’ve paid my dues and worked my ass off  and I have earned the right to be recognised as a credible artist amongst a crop of other credible artists who each create their own music, as well as write for others. I have continuously worked since i was 14, before i was signed, producing my own music, writing my own songs  and performing at raves. I did it all solo for 2 years. I don’t think there is any shame in signing a deal, working with other collaborators, re working songs I wrote when I was 14, creating new amazing ones and writing songs for other people too. The fact that you seem to think I have been manufactured and pieced together by a ‘team of professionals’ with ‘a bunch of money’ is totally hilarious to me when I think of the amount of time I’ve spent sitting in my flat with my boyfriend creating my music videos (all apart from one) with zero budget and personally preparing  visuals and new audio for my live shows. The idea that you seem to think I have been waiting for something interesting to happen in the ‘DIY’ world so that I can pounce on it and twist it to fit my own more commercial model is also hilarious to me, since I don’t think you can get more ‘diy’ than standing on a shitty crate in a warehouse rave at 4am at the age of 14 dressed as a homemade version of a glittery michael alig era club kid. In fact, I don’t really pay much attention to what’s cool and the ‘next big thing’ at all - like, I’m still listening to the uffie record, like every day, on repeat.
I would never usually respond to something like this because I hate the idea of beef and all that bullshit. But when I started seeing all of this stuff I was genuinely offended and felt wronged because I have been nothing but genuine and real throughout my musical career and will continue to do so. I don’t mind that you don’t like my music, that’s not a problem. But for you to just dismiss me as ‘some mainstream pop project’ without really even doing your research and accuse me of stealing someone’s shit as a model to make my own success was really, really offensive to me, and also really wrong. 
I never asked to be considered in this group of artists that you mention, but I am, and I’m sorry that it offends you so much. To be honest I was equally surprised because not once in my life have I ever said I wanted to make a ‘DIY’ record. I have only ever wanted to make a pop record. And I have been making that record for 6 years, on my own terms, taking my time and doing my thing. I have nothing but respect for Grimes and Sky Ferreira. I think they are both immensely talented artists who are changing the future of music for girls the world over, and to be considered amongst the two of them is frankly an honour. I think it’s a shame that all of this has been said and been blown out of proportion, but i just couldn’t sit there and take all of that shit from someone who doesn’t even know me.
I won’t be responding to any more of these posts now. I’ll just await your feedback critique of my record. It’s out next spring… I’m sure you’re eagerly awaiting the pre order ;)


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