What was the first and last song you wrote for True Romance & which song is your favorite? xx

The first song was Stay Away and the last was Cloud Aura featuring Brooke Candy.

Have you recorded any songs with LIZ? I love both of you!! ♥♥♥

we worked in the studio together for her record, but it was just writing. but who knows… something may happen in the future…

grungewino asked:
what was working with iggy like?

it was great. she is such an incredible artist… talented, real and totally hilarious. i love her <3

Do you think if you would have stayed with with punk album, and not starting on another, it would have been taken seriously?

yes, 100%. and there are songs from the punk album that will remain on the new record….. and also…. i will DEFINITELY be releasing the punk album at some point… i promise ;)